Spring is on it’s way!

Every year the ultimate sign of spring for us is the Minneapolis Northwest Sport Show. This annual 5 day show (which is being held at the Minneapolis Convention Center now, March 25-29th) is our last Sport Show of the season and our last “hurrah” on the road. The next time we will see all of our wonderful guests will be at the lodge……..jumping into boats for a great day of fishing and shorelunch, enjoying a beer before dinner followed by a great meal…………all the time telling amazing fishing stories and comparing pictures snapped with the catch of the day!

By the time we get back to camp from the sport show on the 29th the snow should be almost completely melted, the ice road will be a little sketchy and some camp work should be underway. By all accounts we should have an early “ice out” and we will be ahead of schedule for Walleye opener.

A new season always brings with it a renewed love of the lake, the business and the lifestyle we have all chosen up here. No, there are no movie theatres or Starbucks for 100 miles but there are 13,500 islands and 68,500 miles of shoreline to explore and the most breathtaking views in the world. I’ll take that over a latte anyday!

Loving lake life…………fish on!

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